Beth Jackson was engaged as curator for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Walks of Queensland project. The project involved artists undertaking residencies in the National Parks of Queensland and developing artworks for exhibition at a partnering regional gallery. The resident artists conducted workshops and masterclasses with local artists groups.

A curatorial rationale for the project entitled Habitus Habitat provided a foundational framework for this state-wide project. The rationale proposed that the commissioned artworks had the potential to invoke environmental awareness in the viewer through generating a reflective, transformative experience of both their presence within the landscape, or habitat, and the landscape of their presence, or habitus.

Beth was then engaged by Museum and Gallery Services Queensland to curate an exhibition for touring to regional galleries in 2008-11 from the Habitus-Habitat project.

A further level of curatorial work involved collating photo-documentation material for an on-line digital archive which can be found at www.geoproject.org.au This archive is a rich resource which testifies to the process-based ethos of Habitus Habitat.

Several essays framed, reflected and projected the significance of this successful and far-reaching project. They can also be found at the Geo Project website.